Our Mission

We aim to be a portal for new and existing Black residents to better connect, engage, and grow in Milwaukee.


As a young student, professional or entrepreneur, YOU are the key to making sure that Milwaukee continues to grow into a vibrant place for African-Americans to live and work.


Milwaukee Black is here to provide Milwaukee natives, visitors and new residents, with the needed resources to achieve greatness in Milwaukee. We are a display of the positivity in our city; combating negative opinions.


The Milwaukee community is one that we can build together to harbor growth and development for African-Americans by supporting continued efforts for African-American businesses and organizations.

Needs & Solutions

Milwaukee Black acknowledges that challenges still exits within the African-American community, especially within millennials, in Milwaukee.  However, we are creating solutions to solve them.

Milwaukee is a nice place to live, there is moderate climate at least seven months out of the year. The other five months are cold with a high risk of snow.
According to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Center for Economic Development, the unemployment rate for black males (ages 25-54) in Milwaukee is 52.7%, which is one of the highest in the U.S. In 2014, Milwaukee Public Schools’ four year graduation rate was a meager 60.9%.
African Americans in the city of Milwaukee have a storied and unique culture that have never properly been displayed. Without a prominent figure (ie. Nelly for St. Louis) to display Milwaukee’s Black culture, it seems the world is oblivious to our distinction.

Since there is no way to control the weather, Milwaukee Black lists unique events that maximize the unique experiences that can only be experienced in Wisconsin winters.
Milwaukee Black provides the resources to not only find jobs, but also to create jobs so that more African-Americans are able to find and achieve employment.
Milwaukee Black informs the public of the remarkable cultural happenings in the African-American community that are often missed by major media outlets.

Milwaukee. Where Your Future Lives.

Our Leaders

These are just some of the Black Millennials in Milwaukee who are making large strides in social entrepreneurship, politics, business and religion.

Jasmine M. Johnson

J. Johnson

Alliance Development Manager


Jamie Elder

WI Department of Children & Families
Director, Office of Urban Development.


Kalan Haywood

Vangard Group
Real Estate Developer


Cory Joe Biddle

Fuel Milwaukee
Executive Director


DJ Hines

Christian Faith Fellowship Church


Khalif Rainey

Milwaukee County
County Supervisor

Want to work with us?

Are you thinking of moving to Milwaukee? Are you a business that needs increased diversity within your workplace? Are you a current Milwaukee resident that needs help growing in Milwaukee? If any of this situations or anymore apply to you, please contact us.